Yoodalo | How it works

For Customers

  1. Sign up free: Register or Log in from the home page, then search for service providers, products and more by selecting or navigating to their respective categories.
  2. Browse and find: Select any ad listings created by vendors across the services, products, properties or other domain categories. You may also filter by available search criteria.
  3. Connect instantly: Contact your preferred vendor directly from their ad listing, and get instant feedback.
  4. Feel free to vet each vendor to your satisfaction, before proceeding to do business with them.
  5. Remember to visit our Safety tips and FAQs pages for guidance on how to engage vendors or service providers, via their ad listings or profiles.

For Vendors

  1. Sign up free: As an intending vendor or service provider, register or log in from the home page. Remember to check your email to be verified as a Yoodalo user.
  2. Sell: Click the “Sell” button to list your services or products. You may create as many ads or listings for every product or service you sell or provide.
  3. Connect instantly: Respond instantly to customer or client enquiries and vet every enquiry to your satisfaction.
  4. Remember to visit our Safety tips and FAQs pages for guidance on how to engage potential customers.

We’ve helped many satisfied customers, make money & find products, vendors and properties, in 3 easy steps.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to become your preferred online marketplace, connecting millions of customers and vendors monthly, in order to build and sustain trust, enterprise, unity and commerce.

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